descriptionnews aggregator following the UNIX philosophy
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agg is a news aggregator (currently RSS 2.0 only) for POSIX-compliant systems (currently tested on GNU/Linux only). It follows the UNIX philosophy and simply reads a news feed from stdin and creates or updates a filesystem representation of that feed. No command line parameters, no user interface, not even networking.
2011-06-29 Andreas WaidlerKicked TODO item.master
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerGPN is over. Prepared release of
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerNow testing ascending/descending order of items properly.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerItems will only be overwritten if date > mtime.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerUpdated TODO.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerNow supporting feeds with newest items on bottom.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerUpdated TODO.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerMore assertions.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerSmall refactoring.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerUpdated TODO.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerFailing on duplicate item properties.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerNow failing on duplicate item titles.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerNow failing cleanly when feed has two titles.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerFix: False positive in agg_fail.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerNot failing on arbitrarily ordered tags in <item> anymore.
2011-06-26 Andreas WaidlerAdded tests for nomtime.
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