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2014-12-17 Al Vironvi forgets to switch tty from ex mode on q when there... master
2013-06-19 Sven Verdoolaegeregex: fix test for deciding whether to use smatcher...
2011-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeuse ISBLANK to test whether CHAR_T represents a blank
2011-02-26 Sven Verdoolaegereset screen offset of top line if it exceeds the numbe...
2010-01-03 Sven Verdoolaegeuse three-argument AC_DEFINE instead of acconfig.h
2010-01-01 Sven check for sys/stropts.h header instead...
2010-01-01 Sven Verdoolaegetext input: fix problem with autoindenting and ^^D
2010-01-01 Sven Verdoolaegecommon/conv.c: fix segmentation fault during conversion...
2010-01-01 Sven Verdoolaegeoptionally use bundled db
2010-01-01 Sven Verdoolaegecommon/log.c: minor whitespace change
2010-01-01 Sven Verdoolaegecreate sys/cdefs.h for db.1.85, if missing
2009-12-30 Sven generate compat.h for db.1.85
2009-12-30 Sven Verdoolaegedb: avoid use of errno field name
2009-12-30 Sven Verdoolaegeadd db.1.85
2009-12-30 Sven Verdoolaegedb_init: round up page size to nearest power of 2
2009-12-30 Sven Verdoolaegeadd an abstraction layer separating out db-4 specific...
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